gray waves

long overdue first post of 2017 is finally published.

many things have happened since the start of the year and well i am still struggling with school and life. Nothing new, basically. It’s the final week and Mark will be flying back to Melbourne on Saturday, Season 3 of our LDR is about to begin.  And yep, we hit the one year mark recently. There’s plenty of ups and downs in a relationship but all’s well. Trust, Communication , Honesty and Effort means everything.

increasing worry about getting  a comfortable job with a decent pay and not too far location, increasing anxiety and worry over my modules. I keep having this fear that i am unable to graduate this year. The stress and worry just keeps piling up over the weeks. Prelims is round the corner and i am totally unprepared, nothing is going into my mind and staying for long. It’s so hard to memorize and remember all the theories .  My brain is slowing down and being more retarded in terms of memory work. Shitting my prelims is good enough of a wake up call. It’s still not too late.

And also i find myself having more unhappiness and disappointment in people which is really not healthy for the mind and heart but i can’t help it. Some people are just thoughtless and inconsiderate. Dreading what’s about to happen over the next few weeks and months.

And to those who hadn’t watch Lala Land, please do so. It’s not just about Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s third time collaborating. It’s the story line and pursuing your dreams. It’s a good movie and the soundtrack is a mega bonus.

Favorite song of the week : Waves – Dean Lewis

time to fuel up and also continue to source for a job and stop worrying unnecessarily. I already have unnecessary stress piled on the plate before me.



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