twenty sixteen ;

Dear 2016,

A toast as we have reach the last page of your book, you have been a remarkable year for my loved ones, friends and myself. 

I had fell down a lot, teared countless times, stressed and melted into an emotional mess but nevertheless it’s been a year’s worth of lessons. I may not have utilize every single day to its fullest, but i am still keeping my momentum going. The new year will be a more productive year, i promise. 

I feel blessed to be able to meet new people, having new friends brought into my social circle and not to mention, meeting a special person who brought love back into my life, making me feel alive once again. To be able to reconnect with old friends and reconcile with friends who are worth it is no doubt, a bonus too.

I hadn’t been on my best mental form recently however that is not going to deter me from continuing to inhale positive vibes, improve my mental state and health. Baby steps is basically still progress eh?

Let’s all continue to strive better and live boldly .



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