tumbling into December

Weekend trip to HK came as quick as it goes,wished we could stayed there a little bit longer (partly due to the chilly weather & awesome food). 

And Hello Festive December, please be a good last month of 2016. 2016 started off on a remarkable note for me with getting to know new friends, reconnect with high school choir friends, “bury the hatchet” with a certain ardent Kobe Bryant fan buddy, travelling to places (solo trip to Melbourne especially) and of course, entrusting my heart to a special man since February. Not forgetting fighting my thoughts and swirling emotions on a daily basis on the path of (permanent?) recovery from depression. I am really thankful to the people i have close to me. Thanks for putting up with my temper and my burdensome problems. 

2017 will be a better, healthier year. There’s plenty of events to look forward to next year, March will be the first ❤️. I will continue to grow and make better efforts in being a better human. 

My last paper is on 18th May, that’s really quite soon actually. I am starting to worry about the papers already. I must continue to mug hard and give my best for this last lap before i start fretting over my future job and so on. The future is soaking in high levels of uncertainty and worry. 

Been waking up from bad dreams every night, i wish my mind could stop wandering into the darkness and brew unhappy thoughts and fears. I cannot stop worrying about so many things that my mind is half submerged in the waters of anxiety.

I want to be freed. I am still living in a cage that i can’t escape yet. I need to press on. Let’s all continue to work hard for our future. 



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