unchain those shackles

when you did what you need to do and it’s still not good enough. They remark disapprovingly and fault you for negligence. They are not here round the clock, so how could they say i did not do what i should do? You guys walked on eggshells during my depressed downtime and did try to consider my feelings. Now that i am all clear, what happened to sparing a thought for my feelings? 

Whatever i do, is not enough. Whatever i do that doesn’t conform with your expectations, it is never right. Only your advice are the correct standards i should adhere to. It feels like i am always doing more wrong than right. Looks like i have to bridge a wider distance from y’all. 

Live my own life? *scoffs* That doesn’t truly happen until i am out of here. 

Need to work 2x harder . Need to persevere, need to leave this place with results that show i can do it right with my own ways. Because i know if i were to screw up with my decisions and actions, there they will be waiting to toss their expectations in my face. 

Mistakes produce lessons, not representing failure. 




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