The weight of actions

When you are upset about something, your emotions are directed towards the person involved. It’s may not necessarily meant the person did something disappointing / wrong intentionally, but it’s just he/she carried out an action due to disappointing situations that resulted in upsetting you. And you know you can’t fault that person completely since it’s not within their control entirely, but you just can’t help but internally question , “Couldn’t you have made a different choice? If i were you, i’d react differently.”

I know i am being selfish and inconsiderate by thinking otherwise but it’s just, i really don’t like it. I don’t want to go about piecing those thoughts into explanations and make myself feel even more unhappy than i already am. Speaking out doesn’t necessarily make you feel better. 

I hate it and i know there will be similar occurrences as time goes by. And that makes me feel even more unhappy and uncomfortable. And to add on, i am lethargic as fuck . Some efforts have to come to a complete halt. I am going on a break of putting myself in others’ perspective now. 



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