life in a fishbowl 


Spent my 24th birthday in Melbourne last week with my man and though it was short, it was a really great week. A much needed getaway from reality, work & family. Can someone sponsor me to live in Melbourne for the rest of my life? Happy dreaming.

It’s wonderful to receive birthday wishes from my friends, i feel so thankful and blessed. What surprised me was receiving messages from (distant) friends whom i hadn’t seen/spoken to for months. At least they took one minute off from their stuff to wish me. The thought that counts is what matters most. Thank you peeps.

I have to keep my thoughts in check pertaining to a certain old friend popping into my life out of the blue (a bit too coincidental clearly) to get info out of me. I don’t mind feeding knowledge and info if they need it as long as they don’t trespass to asking for my life updates. I am not interested in their life happenings (anymore), so i expect them to feel the same way towards me too.

I forgive but i don’t fucking forget.  What i want to remember, i forget. What i remember, i can’t forget. 

Words leave scars and lessons too. 

Final tertiary year about to kickstart in the upcoming week, i could feel the fear and worry tugging the knots in my stomach already. I am starting to feel a little drained out from my Saturdays, it’s time for me to tender my resignation from my (underpaid despite 5 minute walk) part time tuition centre job. I have hesitated too long. Kindness can be taken for granted.

Such is life. 



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