here & there, then & now

catch up session with choir clique last night hit me with nostalgia. It was great to see everyone doing alright , working towards their life goals and the talk about the past made me realized how much we have grown and how much we have learnt. Those times weren’t properly appreciated in all honesty, i wished i was more appreciative of those moments back then. As much as i don’t want to grow along with age, it’s an undeniable fact that things have changed and people change along with situations.

we will walk hand in hand through the years with brotherly love and care

That’s the first phrase of my high school song and i didn’t actually give it much thought until last night.

I thought about the people in my inner social circle. How many of them are from high school since? 9? 5? nope. Just 2 girlfriends who remain frequent contact with me. They are the ones whom i can safely say walk with me through the years with love and care. Then there is a handful whom i keep in touch with once a month / every few months. And majority of the rest are now just social media friends.

The ones that i thought indispensable didn’t continue to stay nor did i try to keep them behind. It’s a shame, but friendship is not measure in terms of quantity but quality. And quality is not just solely defined by the number of years two parties have known one another.

I have high school friendships that crashed and burnt with severe damages in the past one year. I am partially responsible for the predicament. Renewing (once close) high school friendship connections is not within sight, maybe someday should we contact one another again then well. For now, those friendships are DOA (dead on arrival). Still genuinely glad to see they are well alive and fed, that’s good enough to know.

We humans can’t grow with the absence of pain.

Focusing on the present right now, i want to continue to keep my mental health in its current progress and appreciate my family & friends i have around me still.

9 more days.



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