Hazy lazy friday 

poem by alicia cook

Attended Koey’s graduation yesterday, Congratulations! You earned it 😊. Had dinner with uni clique at Mu Parlour which was strangely empty (the food was just average only). & oh boy i was so freaking tired after i reached home. 

Spending my friday lazing in my bat cave, tomorrow is another busy tuition day. Sigh. Hope the kids behave and do their work dilligently. I feel like an old lady. When i was younger, fridays to weekends were drinking nights. The hype to bask in alcohol , listen to local bands performing pop covers and occasional club visits to get high. Now? I just wanna be a lazy tubby cat at home. Those days were like a phase, a transition from being a carefree young adult to a more mature young adult. 

Finally gonna settle school stuff next week, hope the enrollment for final year goes smoothly. Monday dinner with choir clique it’s been 7 years+ since i last seen a few of them, it’s gonna be a nostalgic night. It shouldn’t be that awkward i hope? Maybe. 

13 more days meanwhile. 


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