tuesday rant

i can’t wait for Friday only because i want to spend the entire day coop up at home, be lazy and waste the hours away. Summer break is going to be over in about 3 weeks, my brain is very much rusty.

I had my first lesson with a new kid last Saturday and I already have thoughts of not continuing that assignment. Or rather today’s tuition with another kid made me think otherwise. WHATTTTTTTTTTT? Hear me out first.

#1. i don’t like it when my tutee’s folks doesn’t impose discipline on their kid, which means the kid have the power to run about distractedly and playfully during lesson.

#2. I want to earn money in which my time is being invested productively. Even if it’s on a young kid. I strongly believe every kid’s parents have a role in ensuring the kid is diligently learning and doing their homework. A kid’s academic progress consists of three parties’ involvement. If the folks hand the entire responsibility over to the teacher then that sucks. It’s like teaching off to a wall.

#3. Kids with “needles” on their asses are annoying as fuck. I am a tutor, not a babysitter trying to catch babies and put them back in their cots. Spending 90% of the time reprimanding about their lack of attention is not going to improve their grades.

#4. I can relate. I grew up having tutors as well, i know the dread of having homework and sitting down 1 to 1 with a tutor. Kids, granted they hadn’t reach the age of understanding the importance of studies. But folks? Their job doesn’t end there just by hiring a tutor. It’s important to discipline their kid especially at the early stage of their education. And a part of me always remind myself that whichever kid i am tutoring, they could be my kids’ future tutors / school teachers too. I want my tutees to learn and improve. 

#5. tutors are not fairy godmothers. Your kid is not going to improve magically when they themselves are not focus in learning. If you let your kid decide whatever they want during the lesson because they are whining and you can’t be bothered to reprimand, then i can honestly tell you your kid doesn’t need a tutor, you should perhaps get him a playmate.

i sound like a complete judgmental bitch about my new tutee’s behavior and upbringing . But hey, kids are not that unpredictable in terms of their playfulness and behavior.

Comparing my six year old self and my tutee, i am more fortunate and my parents were more concern and strict with regards to my studies. It’s sympathy, if you ask me. The only reason that i can think of if i were to continue.



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