Thankful at 100

Blimey. Sociology passed on the dot. The topics that i studied hard for didn’t come out and i was so sure i will flunk it as the questions i attempted i barely had much contents to spill, i even left the examination much earlier. And i remember i was freezing cold till my fingernails lost its color during Managerial Econs exam, i left the exam earlier too.

I actually passed all my modules.No repeating of modules, no transferring to another course, no taking another extra year. Thank you for passing my modules, markers of my papers. I am a total 0 self-confidence person which i will not deny. I seriously did not expect passing any of the papers, let alone all of them. So I am very surprise, shock and very much thankful. I am going to top up my fuel and do my best in fulfilling the promise.


Thanks for believing in me when i don’t believe in myself, Mark. Despite how low self-confidence i had, you didn’t stop believing. I am blessed to have you in my life. And of course, not forgetting my Mom too. The most important woman in my life who’s constantly worried about me. Thanks for having faith in me. And thank my patient university friends who helped me when i struggle with grasping the concepts.



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