thoughts have not been put to sleep


Still not sleeping well, i am functioning with low mana. Infused with anxiety, it only adds on to the fatigue. I don’t even have the appetite to eat much either. All i wanna do is snuggle into the arms of that one person who is approximately 6060 kilometers away.


took on another tuition assignment which will commence on Saturday, having second thoughts i don’t know why despite feeling more assured knowing i am able to earn a little extra money to aid my bleeding bank account. Hope i am a lot better by Saturday. I am considering whether to quit my Saturday morning part time job soon, the manager is pretty understanding and DOESN’T MICRO-MANAGE unlike one of the colleagues. And they are under-staff (why am i not surprise) i see new faces every Saturday,  so well. Perhaps it’d be better to stay on a little while more?


4 more days to D-day. A complete killjoy. The storm is coming and i am worried + terrified. Bags of Anxiety IV drip to be injected into my system as the thoughts start inviting themselves to stay.





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