crawl through the river of shit

it’s Sunday, is it the end of another week or the start of a new week?

just finished watching “The Shawshank Redemption” starring Morgan Freeman, it’s an old movie – ’94 , but whoa it’s good. No wonder it’s #1 on IMDB. (Thanks for picking this movie for the night, Mark) The movie gives me a better understanding of life imprisonment inmates and you’d be surprise the life lessons you can actually pick up from the movie. And not forgetting some good quotes. Damnnnnnnnnnnnn.


I am not a believer of hope (pertaining to matters relating to myself) but i have to agree with this quote. Hope is something that others can’t touch. It belongs to you and each one of us has that inside us like a burning flame, as much as i choose not to believe in it. And hope becomes a brighter light if you keep it burning in the darkness.


This is pretty much how we individuals tend to sometimes feel on those bad days don’t we? Mine is pretty much self-created. I created the tornado and i am about to get swallow by it. Just another 8 more days. Even sleep is not exactly helping when my dreams are related to school as well.


Get busy living or get busy dying. Focus on your dreams and keep going.




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