chapter break 

Not speaking says more than all the words in the world. — Colleen Hoover

One course of action leads to another. Plans thrown away, words erased and everything gets swept away. All to wasteland. A painting of life goes into the trash. Some things cannot be recovered once in the trash. 

F i c t i o n , sheryl. Wake the fuck up and look around you. It’s dead and all gone. What in the world are you doing?

What’s the point in hoping? What’s the point in planning ahead / thinking ahead? Can plans be eaten and digested? I wish.If people were to question about the future, i’d reply that i can’t see the future at all. If there was supposedly one, there is nothing inside at all now.

John Green said pain demands to be felt and that quote is true. For the pain to go away? All you need is a greater pain to take that pain away. And bruises come in different ways.

Numbing every single atom of emotion inside , all that’s left is a thorn inside that can’t be removed.

Not everything in life ends with us. 

Word vomitted a lot more than this but i kept on deleting, this is the definitely longest post i ever take to publish.

I hate my mind. I hate the voice. I hate the bruises. I hate the emotions. I hate me. And i hate you, heart. I fucking hate you. 



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