when you over-water a cactus, it will die. three cactus drowned in my hands when i was a kid, i am a professional cactus murderer.

Move over July, i will see you in 12 months’ time. Hey there August, i have got mixed feelings towards you. two more weeks to d-day…sigh.


thinking if it’s actually worth the money to purchase a copy of Harry potter and the cursed child. It’s Harry Potty, almost every 90s’ kid’s favorite book/movie series. i remember the excitement (& torture) while waiting for the books’ release and burning midnight oil just to read till the last page. The feeling is pretty satisfying. Should probably ask Mom candidly if she could sponsor me since she paid for most of the books in the series, heh. 

What is Love?

An emotional minefield.

It’s terrifying. The anger that bubbled inside last night. It’s the signs that scares me. Please don’t come back.

One of depressives’ greatest fear is the relapse. The return of recurring nightmares and paranoia. The unhealthy thoughts. The pills.

I am honestly scared. 




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