on a broken carousel

“The chaos in me is the chaos in you. Like the love in you is the love in me. So maybe we’re both a little crazy. Enough to believe we’re found where dreams are born and beneath our faults remain a science, where you and I will run away and leave nothing behind.”
― Robert M. Drake

Bad dreams are back with a bang. Dreamt of some yellow slimy creature by the name of Juzulean (i have no idea what kind of name is that) biting off my hand and went off ripping my family’s heads. I feel more tired than usual, it’s like my physical strength got sapped away along in my dreams.

first tuition lesson with the kid was pretty ok, i am thankful it’s a boy. Don’t really like reprimanding female students because they are more prone to crying and i never like sugar coating / softening.

Nineteen more days. Ugh. Feeling exactly like Stitch. SIGHHHHHHHHH. The wait is always the dreadful and fearful.





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