back to the distance

dear john

slowly adapting back to the long distance Skype calls, i still miss the physical presence of Mark.  Those relationships that made it through after more than 2 years of LDR are amazing. It’s joint hard-work of both parties. People tend to question why go through the pain of long distance? Why not just forgo the relationship and look for another instead?

When you are with someone, a part of you would know whether this person is going to be your forever and if the person is actually worthy of your time, tears and heart. And if he is worth it, why let him go? Would you be able to find a similar person who gives you the exact feeling? If he is worth it, he is definitely no doubt worth the distance. Distance is just a figure, it’s the feelings of both parties that ultimately matters. It’s important to be on the same page with your significant other at all times, if not it’s time to reassess the relationship and have a heartfelt talk.

love and other drugs, if only these two can date IRL

And I’ve finally secure a tuition assignment that commences tomorrow evening. It’s one bus stop away from home, a little wary since it’s located in Geylang. Hope the condominium area is not that remote and of course even better if the family is friendly and good people.


May tomorrow’s first lesson go well, bank account is still bleeding profusely as i typed. I’d be guilty as charged if i have been spending my money on clothes and bags, but no. The money’s been going to food, food, food and books. Keeping a lookout for another assignment, would be good if i could juggle two students when school resumes in September.

friends assure me i won’t fail all my modules but i honestly think that faith can’t help me at this point in time. It’s not making me feel any better at all. So faith? Nah.


21 more days. For now, let me just be fat, tired and lazy. Sleeping problems are slowly creeping in again, sigh pie.


Is this the month where all my old (healthy) friends in my life start coming in and reconnect? Strange isn’t it? I suppose it’s kind of a good sign?





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