LDR season 2 begins

we are all imperfect humans. we are all flawed. we are all bodies of mistakes turned lessons. we are all capable of loving.

Heart aching badly after Mark left. Season 2 of long distance begins. Managed to suppress the overwhelming sadness all the way home, i could feel the emptiness pouring in already. 

Sure, we’d see each other soon before we know it but each time we say our temporary goodbyes, it’s emotionally painful. And not any couple can relate on the similar level. LDR couples out there, hang in there💪🏻. 

It’s a warmth tingling feeling when you are emotionally synced to your partner. 

On the side note, what are the odds that your boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend went to the same high school as you and was in the same graduating batch? My world has significantly became smaller. Bumped into zoucong and ruhong at the airport earlier. They reeked of working adults experience and comfortable confidence. I feel like i am a few years younger around them, mm. Glad to see them doing well, i am still recognizable to old classmates that’s kinda nice. And AJ have officially graduated! Congrats! Up next, Koey☺️.

I miss my boyfriend. It’s only the first night of LDR season 2 and i am already feeling like this. Will i still be able to sleep well? The ones who feel too much feel it all . 

And…Terrified of 15th of August. D-day. Twenty three more days before reality burn me right to the toes.


Update: it’s almost 4am and i still can’t sleep despite feeling quite exhausted. Swollen eyes and the tears tap kept leaking. Missing his warmth and presence.



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