Speaking sense and sensibility 

July. I never like july. It’s the particular month that a lot more shitty bad things happen around/to me for the past few years. This year wouldn’t be any different eh? So yes, fingers crossed.

It’s been about a week since Mark returned for his short vacation break, time seem to be passing faster than usual. 21 more days, sigh pie. Part time work officially starts tomorrow that means lesser time spent with him. But well, when you really want something you need to work (with effort) for it (& the money) hence the part time job………….. 

In a deep burning dilemma about how i should bring up about my September plans to Mom. Trying to picture different reactions and scenarios, all i can think of is BAD BAD BAD. Sure, i am already 23 going on 24 but my family has always regarded me as a young adult who hadn’t turn 21 and being quite overly protective of me. Perks and downsides of being a daughter who is the only child. Sigh. What should i do , how should i go about saying? It’s more difficult than i think it is to talk to my family without them jumping into conclusions , without them criticising my decisions. It’s even harder for them to be understanding at times.

I am old enough. I have sense and sensibility. I know what i am doing and my mind is as clear as the blue cloudless sky. I never do such things in a reckless state of mind. But growing up attempting to be an almost perfect problem-free child has embedded the fear of not living up to their expectations and their unhappiness in me. 

What kind of cage am i living in? 



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