tough times don’t last

cradle mountain
What do you live for? What do you work hard for? 

Back to reality, i am feeling exceptionally tired and lazy. Two more months of summer break, hope i clinch the job after Monday’s interview. The pay is low, but on the bright side i save up on transportation and i don’t have to work everyday. 

I need a decent job that allows me to save up in time for September. Fingers crossed. It’s hard to find a job and it’s even harder to earn money. The standard of living is so high, buzz. Going to resist the temptation to spend unnecessarily over the next two months. 

Mind’s wandering back and forth to exam results that will be releasing on 15th of August. I am still scared despite knowing what the outcome will be. FAILING ALL FOUR MODULES. Shocking but yes, i know how badly i got screwed by the papers. I have mentally prep myself but not emotional wise. *inhales* I won’t have an emotional breakdown. My state of mind is pretty calm recently. It’s ok, i will push more in the upcoming fourth year. 

I admit my perseverance and momentum for third year diminished slightly compared to my second year. However, fourth year will be my year. I will certainly bounce back to the similar mode i was in second year. Mark my words. 

Unnecessary peer pressure will drop significantly which is what i actually look forward to. 

Mark’s coming back 12 days earlier ahead of his supposed return date ❤️. Great, it means i can worry less for his safety. 

Thinking about some of my friends, mm. How are you all doing? I hope you are hanging on ok. Press on no matter how tough things get cause tough times don’t last.

Tough people do. 



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