may the lights guide you home

pirate’s bay tasmania

Maybe it’s just me , maybe it’s just overthinking. Maybe it’s just the mind. Maybe i worry too much again. So many maybes.

The fear increases a little bit by bit.

Six more days, i can’t wait. And i hope all will turn out well, all will turn out right or rather what it is meant to be. Acceptance and Understanding, they come hand in hand. 

In time to come, you guys will understand. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend is not just about hugging, kissing and sharing saliva. 

I am blessed to have a family who cares for one another despite how annoying they can be at times. Thankful and grateful. Let’s all love our loved ones a little bit more and embrace their flaws. 

Time, please move along a little step faster. 

Love changes people, especially warmth ones.



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