Sunflower Thursday

Feels good to be home even if it’s just for awhile. I am so exhausted and having 20 over mosquito bites around the legs is no laughing matter. The itch is sickening and the bumps are disgusting. 

Learnt plenty from this trip. Like how important home actually is (more than what you’d think) , the strong feeling overwhelms me and scares me a little honestly. I love my home more than what i think . 

I manage to contain my emotions within four walls alone. Nobody knew, nobody realise. That’s good enough. 

I can put on a mask infront of others a lot better now. It’s okay to suffer a bit, to be treated rudely sometimes. I have learnt a lot in this trip, observe a lot too. One’s true personality, one’s fears, one’s habits, one’s greediness. And, one’s kindness can be taken advantage of in many ways. 

When you travel in a group, you learn more about each individual. You see a side of them that you never see before. A colour of them that they rarely show- the colour of truth. Sometimes it will pull people closer, sometimes it will send you warning alarms to keep arm’s length.

in the sea of sunflowers

my fav picture of the trip .

I want to get lost in your arms and forget the reality of tomorrow.


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