walking in to walk out 

How do you walk out of it ? 

You can’t compact the bad and keep it contained in a storage unit. You can never be certain it’s completely gone. Just take it as it is each morning. 

Normal is subjective. 

I am still recovering. I am not 100% ok . I may have visit the bank of bad days a lot lesser , that however doesn’t mean the bank is no longer in operation.

If you ask me months ago, i’d be telling you i am just living to find out why am i still alive, i am just living merely because i lack the courage to kill myself. Answers have changed, i have learnt to appreciate life a little better , i met new people and i walked out of my old life, leaving some old friends behind. 

Problems surrounding me pertaining to friendship drama & all have significantly dropped, i find myself more carefree, and more importantly, i don’t owe anyone answers.

Don’t ever take things for granted, especially when you are out in the light a little too long, you get used to it and you assumed it’s finally gone.I am not saying it will definitely come back someday, it doesn’t come back for certain people so you could be one of the lucky ones.

Just never assume. You think you know them, but honestly they know you best during tough times. They are not labelled dark for no reason. 

when you encounter someone else who’s facing something similar , you share. And when you share, you are putting a part of you at risk. It’s not easy sharing. It’s not easy putting yourself back in your old shoes. The comfort of wearing old worn out shoes, that sort of feeling- tempting. The risk of letting the dark lure you in. Not all slips have noise, not all fall have immediate impact. 



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