Summer lovin’ 

spent the first few days of summer break drifting away, wasting days away. Can’t wait to get out of town.. Times like this made me wished i had booked a solo trip instead of going on a group trip. Not that going on a trip in a group is bad, but i could use a solo getaway right now. 

I miss my solo trips so much. 

going to give Granny a call tomorrow, i miss her alot, sigh. 

surprisingly some things aren’t as bad as i thought when texting an old friend, or perhaps none of us want to shake the tree. All is well. I am glad everyone’s doing ok in their path. 

Meanwhile little problems keep popping up , i don’t like it at all. I know i am annoyingly stubborn (even i can’t stand it sometimes either) . And all of us have room to grow as a person, we never actually stop growing and changing. 

And time will tell. 

tomorrow’s Monday again. I hate Mondays , it’s the start of the week and it also generates another week of ups & downs. 

What’s your act of declaration of love?  



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