complicated not our choice 

Two more tough papers, suppressing the nerves and the worry. I will do what i can and i will give my all. Is there a place that sells fairy dust and miracles? I could really use them right now. 

I am feeling so damn tired. Sleep hasn’t been doing me any better recent nights. Nightmares that i cannot remember nor do i want to force my mind to recall either. My eyelids are as heavy as bricks, i could really use a sleep-in lazy weekend, unfortunately not right now.

Hang in there, Sheryl. Press on, just a week to go. 

The night’s almost over, Happy blessed birthday Mark❤️. You are more than what i should deserve and despite you don’t celebrate birthdays, i want you to know on this date, i celebrate your life.

I am thankful towards your Mom for giving you life and thankful for everything we both went through up till now. You have seen some of the bad and ugly, yet you still choose to stay . Thank you. 



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