wonderstruck by beautiful blooms this morning on instagram. It’s so lovely being a florist. So much love, so much feelings, so much effort and surrounded by florals all the time. And there’s so many blooms to see on social media today since it is Mother’s day.

Show some love to every woman in your family, be it your Mother, Grandmother or Wife. And if yours is resting in heaven, even more so don’t forget to show them some love too. They will appreciate it even if you can’t see them physically anymore.


three more days to the next paper, oh good lord. I can’t wait for all the papers to end yet at the same time i don’t want to sit for them so soon. Ah, pardon me for the contradiction. #lifeofbeingauniversitystudent . It would be a nice if exams are cancelled by the school board. Keep dreaming indeed.

Some dreams will never be fulfilled unfortunately. Enjoy the final stage of student life before facing the real world out there, i get it. I know i will miss long vacation breaks and missing lectures “conveniently” when i finish schooling.


One of the three poetry books that i ordered from BarnesandNoble has already reached the airport, that means i will get it in my hands sometime this upcoming week!

Grandma’s blood test result wasn’t solemnly serious- her glucose level and cholestrol is high, stubborn her reluctantly consumed the prescribed medication. My Mom actually threatened to cancel Grandma’s air ticket to Tasmania if she refuse to take her medication. Grandpa got threatened too, his air ticket will be cancelled along with Grandma’s if he doesn’t make sure Grandma take her medication. I could imagine their sad faces already, especially Grandma.


Hadn’t been having proper sleep of late, i want to sleep in but i just can’t despite feeling quite exhausted over the week. Waiting, just waiting for the giddiness to kick in later part of the day again. For now i am feeling normal.

Last night was a little less lonely after giving in to Mark’s suggestion. Thanks, hon. The house lack the noises that i grew so familiar to, but what can i do? You can’t bring warmth to every place.

I hope things will get better with time.






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