leaves begin to fall 

HB : Will you be getting another hamster ?

Me : Not now, i am not over it yet. I need a little more time. 

Pets are like humans too. We need some time before we can get over their passing. And one will never get over completely when those who passed touch your life in someway or another. I miss you and your lil fur-ball habits, Rafael. With regrets deep down, i am really sorry. There’s never a day you never not crossed my mind since you left. 

Granny has gone back to Aunt’s place after a one week sleepover at mine. Didn’t get to say bye to her, i feel a tinge of sadness. Till the next sleepover, Gran ❤️. Going to be home alone during some hours in the day from now on. It’s the kind of quiet that i don’t like experiencing. 

There’s nobody at home right now and i don’t want to go home yet despite feeling exhausted. There’s no warmth in that house, not anymore. And it’s going to be a little more lonely tonight. 

The giddiness have returned yesterday brazenly. It’s a little bad today and boy, when i walk too long i end up having blotchy vision. Eyes, it’s the eyes i reckon. Need to stop using gadgets round the clock. 

On a side note no matter how shitty / awesome your day is, offer a (friendly-looking) stranger a small smile can actually make two people feel better. 

I am not a friendly looking person by default, always wearing a resting bitch face. And tonight, giving a stranger a small “assuring” smile in the train simply make the night a little better.

“When the saddest fear comes creeping in ..” – taylor swift

eat some chocolate. 



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