Quieten minds 


first paper tomorrow and i dreamt i was sitting in an exam hall of strangers doing some math paper. 

i am royally fucked for tomorrow’s paper, going to do my very best, vomit everything out from my brain and hopefully the questions are not that tedious. 

Hopefully. May the odds be in my favour. Let there not be any giddy spells during my paper tomorrow.

i woke up in the middle of the night, the house was quiet. No sounds of my little furball companion. 

He is gone, he’s not here anymore. You are alone again, the cycle of lonely nights has began. 

Words spoke in my head.

I went back to sleep and another dream enveloped me into pits of hell. Those insecurities painted a dream and though i can’t remember details anymore, i remember emotions & faces. 

when you think too much, when you let your insecurities and fear consume you, it gives your mind a chance to spin dreams in your sleep.

I can’t control what happens in my dreams. It happens and left me waking up feeling as though a pail of cold water got poured over my head.

Him calling my name for the first time in a while pulled me away from my thoughts. It left a warm tingling feeling inside. 

The heart knows what it wants. Yeah, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking how all these could be taken away so easily.

Hanging by a thread. 

When something great comes without a warning, it can also leave quietly before you even realise it. 

the kind of tired that sleep can’t fix, the kind of emotional self-damage that bandaids can’t cover up. 

Stomach of frustrations and nerves. 

Nothing could light up my day. Everything just look plain dull and dead to me. 

E V E R Y T H I N G . 



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