Hello Goodbye


You always go for fried mealworms, they were like your form of potato chips. 

You always go for sunflower seeds over the rest of the boring vegetarian snacks. 

You love rolling yourself in the soft sandy bedding, covering your thick fur with it.

You love the little sandbath house so much that you fall asleep in it when the weather gets chilly.

You end up rolling into a ball in a corner on the cold metal plate on hot days, squeaking in your sleep and only stop when i place you in my bedroom overnight with the aircon on.

I miss having you sleeping in my room, you quiet down and sleep soundly like a baby. You were like my little roommie.

I miss your squeaking, your chewing sounds against the grill of your habitat house. 

I find myself hallucinating to the little noises that you made. I still find myself wanting to walk over to your spot to find you, but that spot is now empty. 

I miss how you will always have that grouchy sleepy face when your sleep gets interrupted and how you will give that pitiful look to earn yourself an extra snack or two.

Your death has come upon the wrong time, it will take me a day or two before it truly hits me that you are gone.

You weren’t just a pet and a companion. You were that little rascal who brought laughter to my days for the past few tough months.

Rafael, over the rainbow bridge you’d find Fuzzbutt and Hamlette. I hope you will like them and out of humor, please don’t get into a love triangle. 

I know Hamlette is attractive and fiesty, but Fuzzbutt is just as equally awesome and who knows he might already stole Hamlette’s heart. 

I love you, i miss you and i miss them too.

Whereever you are, i hope you are happily eating fried mealworms.



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