live in love

it’s been an awful Monday, but well there isn’t a right time for bad things to happen. When they itch to happen, it happens. 

Good things are like little farts, bad things are like shit, s-h-i-t. 

And in rare times, amongst the bad things that happen you can actually find something good in it.

I don’t just meant good as in learning a lesson, or the morale of the bad incident. It’s also more like having a realisation dawned upon you. 

when you have strong feelings for someone and that person has the same for you, it somehow happens. 

Syncronised feelings, an invisible enotion linkage. 

A statement was declared in my heart today.

I am never certain about things , about people around my life. I am always in doubt, even in myself all the time. 

After this afternoon, i became more certain than before about someone.

He’s my forever.

I know outsiders will question. 

In just two months plus? Isn’t that too quick to be so certain? It’s just the discovery honeymoon phase is it not?

You don’t know how thankful i am that we do not have a three month honeymoon phase kinda stage. I am thankful that we actually got spiralled into little bad shit instead.

It shapes us, get us to grow, make us discover sides of ourselves and we change along the way together

Sure, there’s never a balance in feelings. One will always love the other more. 

Yeah that is something i agree too. But at different points in the timeline, both parties will unknowingly take turns being the one carrying more feelings in the balancing scale. 

And that is how both parties compromise, grow and change, becoming better of themselves for one another. 

You will know it once you feel it, the certainty of whether that person is going to be forever. And if you think you won’t encounter such person, don’t worry. 

Your story is still in works. Love will find you and love comes in many forms. 

And honestly, it doesn’t matter what people think or perceive or judge. No fucks given to them. 

I live in love and love is him.



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