sentimental at its finest

given by Granny 5 years ago

HB: Won’t people mistaken you as being married? 

Me: How so? It’s not on my ring finger.

HB: But it’s on your left hand and it’s on your middle finger. 

Me: *shrugs* i don’t care what other people think. 

It’s mindfuck worthy and it’s the only finger that the ring fits on perfectly. 

I honestly don’t care if people mistaken me as being married/engaged. It’s the sentimental value that each ring carry matters to me, how it came about and who gave. 

Every ring has its story to tell. And not all stories have a happy ending. And rings do bring different emotions to the owner too. 

I really hope the other four rings split from the same “parent” are safely kept by their owners as well. 

i wrote this for you and only you by pleasefindthis

the nauseousness , the splitting headache it’s getting worse bit by bit each passing day. 

Just let me get through the next 3 weeks, please. 



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