heavy rain clouds 

what some words could do to your mind.

what some actions could do to your heart. 

or it’s just me. I get run over by little things easily. Too easily, actually. 

Question, how do you know whether that person you are with is both suitable and healthy for you? 

Or suppose he is suitable and healthy for you, but are you for him? 

well, these are questions that will pop up time to time. Not that you doubt him or the feelings or the connection, it’s more like you doubt yourself.

Are you a healthy partner ? And if you are not , does this mean you have to leave?  

when you find someone who’s still there even after he discover about your ugly flaws (inner x outer), never let them go (unless it’s them who wants to) .

you can only give your heart away once.

never go for someone who wants your heart and then decides to throw it away like thrash after he discovers it does not conform to his standards. 

one would change after they get into a relationship. But they change along with their partner together, morphing into one adjoining heart.  

If you feel he’s being selfish and only cares about himself and his balls / vajayjay (if it’s a she), leave. 

You deserve better, as much as how cliche that sounds. And remember to take your heart with you, bits and pieces take them with you. 

And heal. 



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