Rain doesn’t come alone 

taking my time to read this fella

Woke up from the sound of furious thunder before sunrise, it is not fun to be hiding under the blanket scared and flinching when the thunder boomed unexpectedly.

yes, i am still intimidated by thunder after all these years.

In the past i used to have Granny to turn to when we were still roommates , crawling into her bed or sticking close to her like a puppy where-ever she goes around the house when there’s loud thunder. 

And when Granny moved out, home alone on thundery days is a failed bravery test for me. 

I’d flinched, jumped and scurry to some corner in my bed and hide under the blanket. 

Each fucking thundery time.

And if it happens on a bad day, i’d end up crying under the blanket with the thunder booming and ended up taking a long nap before my mom comes home from work. 

I couldn’t help but feel vulnerable when it’s showering with thunder and i am home alone. Nostalgic and sad. 

But well, there hasn’t been any home alone on thundery days so far recently. So yeah, i am glad. 

Have a long list of books to read when exams are over. I can’t wait to indulge myself in the world of books, i am like a patient in a book rehab centre 😥. My kindle is dusty, need to give it some love.

  • Resume my gym visits with Sachi
  • Continue to self-learn japanese level 2
  • Resume watching my American dramas that i have shelved in the cold for months
  • Sleep without setting alarm for a week
  • Spend time with my grandparents
  • Get myself out of the emotional shithole and not fall back in anymore

So many things i wanna do, but it all have to wait until exams are over

Buzzkill much? 

Oh, and not to mention. Captain America Civil War , i hope i can resist and not watch until exams are over

  • Catch up on a few decent good movies which i have missed

23 days to the last paper. Keep going, keep holding on. 



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