a fairy godmother who sells poison apples

I can never imagine how could a person do such a thing. Or rather, there’s such a person in my life who will actually do this is disbelieving. 

There sure to be a time where you thought good of a certain person and then you find out he isn’t who you think he is at all. 

That he is just a scary manipulative scheming monster disguise in human skin. 

I always thought the better of someone close. I felt that person wasn’t as terrible as how others said. That person treated me well and it felt genuine, or at least at some point it was genuine right? 

i genuinely wanted the best out of that person, i care and love that person. I defended that person, i choose to doubt words that i hear, stories that were told. 

Everything with a pinch of salt.

But now? I get goosebumps finding out the truth. I feel sick to the stomach, i am questioning words like Family and Love now. 

It feels like someone just stabbed my heart and twist the knife in it. 

Blood is thicker than water. I am calling that bullshit. 

How could you do so much things and fake it all so perfectly? 

All you did was take advantage, lie, hurt and verbally abuse that one person who love and care for you. 

How could you sleep peacefully every night when your conscience is tainted? 

One by one, skeletons in the closet are coming out. 

One by one, secrets are no longer secrets.

I can’t see you under the same light anymore. I can’t even.  

i know very clearly now how much i don’t know the real you, one thing for sure? I will be the last person you’d expect who will actually confront you.

there’s one thing you did right, it’s establishing a good “bond” with me. But that “bond” just officially got destroyed tonight. 

You played your role towards me very well, i give you that. But i am done playing that naive gentle role. 

I am fucking done eating those poison apples.  

You didn’t hurt me, but you hurt the one wrong person in which indirectly hurt me too. 

And I shouldn’t, i shouldn’t have slept in that day. That day shouldn’t have happened at all.



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