Amplified thoughts


An inner quiet conversation with the voice in my head. 

Voice: “The problem is you, you are the problem. That’s why no matter how much you want those little monsters inside your head gone, they are going nowhere.” 

Me: “Mmhmm, you are right. I will just let your words be right.” 

Voice: “You are not going to fight or disagree? You had a flashback last night, it caught you by the net and it gave you a very fearful feeling didn’t it?” 

Me: “How so when everything you echoed is on point? You know how i felt, what i felt. Why would i bother to deny?”

Voice: “You need another to convince you. That’s what i am here for, to show you how many people you care for and love are being dragged down by the inner thorns inside.”

Me: “I know, all too well. That’s why i am doing what i am doing right now.” 

Voice: “That’s what always happen when shit hits the fan. Keep doing what you are doing now. It’s getting very unhealthy. You know it. This is the only way.” 

Me: “I know. When the usual standard way doesn’t work, you work in a reverse , reflective manner.”

Voice: “And that has happened before and it worked perfectly. I am going to watch it happen all over again.” 



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