a heart that glows in the dark

some words will give you something to hold onto.

Sharing my baggage is an idea i never actually like. It frightens me if i were to share, the person is gonna suffer.

the last thing i ever wanna do is drag another one down, it is unnecessary to have two casualties. One is enough.

some baggage can ruin a person if it is not handled properly. A person’s baggage works similarly like a heart, it is a self-inflicting weapon.

I find it alright coping with other people’s baggage whereas sharing mine with others is like committing a murder.

I am used to keeping things to myself, bottling them up despite knowing it’s not healthy.

I always believe that nobody is gonna be able to put up with me and my baggage of disaster. 

… Or so i thought. 

Never did i expect there’s someone who would manage to convince me to open up slowly. 

I am scared but i am willing to take this chance, despite knowing it’s not going to be easy opening up. 

Life isn’t meant to be easy anyway. 

Dom had a vision about the future when she prayed. Things like that, i would listen and take with a pinch of salt.

It’s good to have something to believe in, but at the end of the day you dictate your own future. 

if you want something good to happen in future, it’s necessary to work hard for it. Good things always require time and effort.



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