losing track

i lost track of the number of days since i last consumed the sleeping pills before bedtime.

it’s good that my body’s adjusting, despite that it may not be a smooth good night rest all the time & i still take a while before dozing off. 

I am here at this hour because my mind is still active despite feeling really tired. 

suppose to visit my psych this coming Monday. But i decided not to, the state i am in now is still within control.

Appetite’s improved greatly, i am proud of the way things are coming around though pushing my weight up to the healthy range is still slow.

Sigh, meanwhile…

I wish i could overlook my imperfections and love myself more. 

I need to be a better ,nicer girlfriend. 

I musn’t let the fears and worries cloud my mind.

I have to keep my thoughts safe. 



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