“Hi how are you , are you okay?” 

“Hi , i am great uh..yes?”

“You should take a break, you have been studying continously since your first order in the morning.”

“Oh i shall do so, thanks.”

– Starbucks girl said to me when i bought my second drink. 

On some days , strangers can give a little dose of comfort to your day. 

So here i am, taking a short break. I am feeling nauseous and the stress is swimming above the moderate range. 

I can feel the anxiety bubbling, the fear of not being able to revise properly for the next few weeks. 

The worst fear? caving in to the stress and crumble. 

Sigh…back to mugging . 


Surprised to bump into an old friend, the last time we met was at a party 3 years ago. 

We were both stunned. And his eyes, they were haunted. There was no sign of playfulness in his eyes anymore. 

Time and mistakes change people. I hope he’s turned over a new leaf permanently. I believe there’s still some good residing in him. 

I am glad he’s still alive. 



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