papercut memories  

taken from tumblr

the thing about handwritten letters, it’s more personal and the writer would pen down genuine feelings while getting the message across to the receiver. 

It is a dedicated feeling , a letter full of heartfelt thoughts and feelings poured in.

Looked through some old letters written by my close friends throughout our teenage years warmed my heart. As we got older, letter contents became more solemn and life changing as well. 

Contract / Promises made, please don’t forget them. Empty words is one of the worse things, you can’t retract them. Words carry power and meaning, words of promise especially. 

Never thought there’d be a day whereby i am so determine to dispose letters from someone whom i used to care for a lot.  

I even tore the paper into pieces , it felt lethal.  

the sentimental feeling over an almost 12 years friendship wasn’t there tonight, it didn’t exist anymore. 

I want it all gone. Letters that conveys his feelings and his expectations of hoping that i will change. 

It’s something i will never miss. I am so fucking disgusted, it killed the value of our friendship (or whatever that’s left) when i reread his ‘sweet’ seemingly harmless words. 

His criticisms of my flaws still have the ability to cause emotional disturbance in me is actually quite threatening.

I find myself dwelling on my actions, constantly worried that my flaws will consume and destroy my current relationship. 

This is the last time i will blog about my relationship past. It’s hazardous to my mood and thoughts.

People with anxiety and depression and other form of disorders are given equal opportunities to fall & stay in love too. 

Meanwhile, it’s been a crazy sunday night . My heartstrings are tugged gently ❤️. 



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