Hush hush now 

dreams snatch me out of my sleep… anxiety made me wake up earlier , thought that i had overslept.

some people’s words have the magic to make you feel better, to let you doubt lesser of yourself, making you grow and persevere.

Amongst the sea of people around me, that person is Mark❤️. Thanks to him for assuring me all the time patiently and being there. His words makes me believe that there’s still hope. 

All of us have a certain person whose words carry more weight than others. It doesn’t have to necessary be a partner, a family member, a best friend. 

That certain person is like our vitamin and energy bar. It fuel us up and make us embrace Life and confront our fears. 

I need to be a better person, a better friend, a better girlfriend , a better grand-daughter, a better daughter.

I changed and rebuild when Mark stepped into my life. But a part of me feels strongly that I am not good enough, like a broken mess that carries pieces of hell everywhere.

I feel like I drag people around me down. 

Have the strength to continue to live now but not enough to live freely from the thoughts.

The remarks about my depression, my mistakes and flaws… 

It is still fresh in my mind, unforgettable. This is what happens when i take others’ words too seriously. 

Good or bad words, once spilled it’s etched deeply into my mind.

And those haunting words are replaying in my mind now, buzzkill. 



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