washed away 

Let Love break you open, let Love pull you in. Let Love jumpstart the cold heart you thought that can no longer function. 

Let Love fill up your existence with meaning. Let Love take you to different places. 

Let Love Live.


I still take quite a while to fall asleep in the night and my dreams are escalating. My dreams are not relaxing at all, i find and hear myself cringing and sighing depressingly in my sleep. 

my current state of mind is swaying a bit more frequently now. I have been suppressing them well for days , weeks. 

There’s good positive distractions but the bad thoughts is building up slowly while my back’s turned. 

The more i suppress my thoughts and emotions, the more it will build and backfire on me. 

The storm won’t leave till it has done its job. 

I will be lying to myself if i say i am not terrified about April and May. 

What if i slipped away? What if my thoughts drag me back to my own personal hellhole? 

What if…. everything good starts to fall apart because of my inability to keep the bad away? 


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