chaos at its finest 

On a Monday, I am waiting

Tuesday, I am fading

And by Wednesday, I can’t sleep

Then the phone rings, I hear you

And the darkness is a clear view

Cuz you’ve come to rescue me

– Ashlee Simpson’s “Pieces of Me”

Standing still and just hearing the sound of ticking clocks around me, i am just watching things fall slowly to where it’s intending to fall upon. 

I can’t contain everything within me, i have to let certain things slide. 

My mask is on because reality is a game that i have played one too many times.  

Everything will fall apart if any of it leaks out of the mask. 

it’s happening bit by bit and i am actually letting it breed.

For i am temporary frozen. 

Something just switched off and it’s out of order. 

Hello there, dark thoughts that i can’t even fathom. I never thought you’d miss me this much. You are out of the shadows at last. 



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