Slow thoughts, slow 

weight’s stagnant at 39kg range, appetite’s improving a lot but the weight’s still not increasing. Sigh .

Alzolam’s taken off the list of meds to consume for the next four weeks yayy. I will be pulling away from Paxidorm and Nordaz slowly as well, switching it to alternate days dosage maybe.

I need to make sure my body can rest well without the help of those pills. Despite the fact, dreams have been plaguing my sleep the past few days. 

They weren’t bad enough for me to categorise as nightmares, so yes – unhappy dreams is coming in.

Staycation with Sachi ❤️, need to take some time off from home and studies. Our first staycation together since we never get a chance to travel together, oh well.

Those insecurities make me wanna hit myself , i am being foolish and all. Insecurities are merely a reflection of my weaknesses and vulnerability. It doesn’t make me less than a human. I need to believe in myself , in the ones who genuinely love me for who i am. 

My flaws are flawless in the sense they define who i am. Without my flaws, i won’t be me anymore. And that makes it unique, flaws are part of self-identity. And there are people out there whose flaws are more severe than mine, and they are leading a more positive life.

Physical flaws can be overwritten by the beauty of a good character and personality.  Some physically beautiful people do not have good personalities and with that, you are already better. A heart that is bigger than you , kindness and selflessness runs in your system. That is already beautiful enough. 

(positive side of my mind got awaken) 



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