Depression on vacation

I am not much but i am all i have.

It’s been a long time since i stay at home the entire day and of course i didn’t waste the day away. I got some things done and I feel pretty cosy.

And the nice thing? No severe unhealthy thoughts plagued my mind the whole afternoon. Of course there’s a small negative bubble of thoughts bubbling in a corner, but it’s not negative enough to place me at the edge. 

Nope, the depress side is merely taking a break and i don’t know for how long it will take before it returns. And as always, depression is one hell of a sneaky bitch.

She knows my mind better than i know mine. Much as i’d like to lie to myself that depression and my anxiety are  fading away, they aren’t, they are just behind the shadows. 

But i take what i can get, not wanting to be greedy. 21 days of no crying episodes is already a new record. It’s something new and i’m sure Dr. Yeo will be surprise with the new happenings that happened around me when i visit him on my next appointment. 

Good things however have to come to an end so that bad things have the turn to perform. Life is unfair and fair in that manner. *chuckles* 

  • 62 days to first exam paper (the toughest of all my modules this year- Management Mathematics. The passing rate hit an all new low for 2015 paper 😞) 

But it’s alright at least it’s the first paper i’ve to sit and move on (self-comforting moment).

Study hard. Be humble . Treat others with kindness, even strangers. 



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