Can’t wait for Thursday to be over. The chances of me skipping Friday’s paper is very high. I am not ready to sit for it, but that isn’t going to stop me from revising either. 

I am so tired. Now that the flu is almost gone, dry cough comes in and visit , it’s gonna be almost 3 weeks since i fall sick. I really need a break to unwind , or rather just a lot more sleep.

I have more flaws than one would ever imagine. And that’s starting to make me feel a little wary now. Perfectly imperfect me, how is this possible? It feels like a dream. It feels like all these things happening around me will be taken away from me the moment i turn away. 

This vulnerable side of me is going to run me over if i don’t deal with it properly. 

Sachi’s off to hk, means i will have to gym without her till she comes back 😭 and Dom’s flying back to NZ tomorrow night (I miss Joel more than i miss her,lol) but i am glad at least Dom & i can still have heart to heart talk time to time. ☺️

No negative unhealthy dying thoughts for the past 20 days. But i still can’t take things for granted, never will. 



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