the flu that never goes away 

spoilt by sachi again 😭

Spent the afternoon with Dom, Sachi , Jess & Baby Joel. That bundle of joy have flu too and he sneezed right into my face, wonderful. Feel like the flu is gonna last till the weekends. 

Even Angie text me and say i look sickly. Jeez, that makes her the second person to say that i look really physically worn out.

Still revising for my papers but i am not digesting the contents, not that i am distracted or what, i feel so exhausted from the past few nights that i just lack the energy to absorb and retain what i studied.

I am prepared to flunk every single paper this prelim (but that’s not going to stop me from revising just because i know i will fail), it’s just how badly. And how i will go about after that is something i am not looking forward to. 

I just can’t wait for next week to be over and take a break away and recuperate , and pick myself up. 

It’s been really a heavy week for me. Despite i had happy moments, i get to laugh a lot, i get to feel joyful but it doesn’t outweigh what happened around me this week. 

I have things to think about and … I feel depressed. I don’t know how to describe, i feel helpless. 

I find myself not taking my double ring out the entire day even when i am sitting on my bed resting in my pjs. What am i doing? Am i going to end up sleeping with my ring on?! That s weird. 



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