sick but surprise

when one has depression and anxiety disorder and ends up catching flu, cough, sorethroat & fever a day before the start of uni prelims, it’s terrible. 

It’s a definite fail for tomorrow’s soci paper, i can’t absorb what i am revising and i spend more time coughing and blowing my nose than revising. 

This sucks completely. I feel so exhausted. I sound like a whiny baby, i know out there, there are people who are suffering worse than me. 

It’s just bad for me because of all days i have to fall sick during prelims period when i already carefully delibrately avoided heaty food throughout the week. 

sighhhh. BUT , i was caught by surprise while mugging sickly. Sachi travelled all the way and surprise me with an exam welfare pack and a floral bouquet. 💙

Sweet of her, happy and touched. Forever spoiling me with surprises and all, i can’t wait for her to receive hers this Wednesday & my long thesis-like letter that has been posted out to her since Tuesday. 


Comforting and of course those friends who texted me wishing me luck for my prelims too! 

Even a new waitress at my usual study place noticed me mugging for hours wished me luck after asking if i visit often, that’s so sweet and her name’s Vanessa. Hope to see her around the next few days, it’d be nice 🙂

& a lady who had poor vision couldn’t catch what bus arriving at the bus-stop, i went up to her and ask what bus she was waiting told her every bus number that arrived. 

I feel good and useful today despite being sick and whiny. 

Meanwhile, Granny’s here. I know i will cave in to those emotions very very soon. 

Absence makes the heart grows fonder, it makes mine goes wilder instead and unlocking emotions i hadn’t felt in a long time. First phone call x racing feeling. 


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