i am so fucking dog tired. Met up with Dom & her husband & baby Joel two days ago, oh boy. I am baby-struck.


He’s an adorable bundle of joy. The first baby that drooled on me and ate my fingers and hair without me complaining. 

But he’s so heavy, i overstretched my muscles or something, my arms still feel sore. Or maybe because i am just skinny right now, but it’s okay Baby Joel is worth the sore arms.

Sleeping pattern has worsened. I woke up 3 times during my sleep last night. Yes three times, it’s a torture. I nearly left my home without my school bag, pretty smart move, LOL.

I very much want to give lecture a miss, but i skipped too many and today’s marketing test which i know i won’t be able to write anything out later (but i feel it’s necessary for me to go, i owe it to myself).

I owe myself this, i need a harder wake up call. And after this week, i am swinging straight into study geek mode. 

It’s an answer to myself and of course to depression that was breeded in my course of study. 

I just need at least a complete well rested night , a night whereby i get to sleep through completely till the alarm goes off. And none of the meds seemed to work anymore, or perhaps it’s just me.

What if, none of those sleeping medicine out there work on me anymore ? 

My feelings ….. I dont know why. I cant explain , i can’t say . Secret it shalt be for now.



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