Mundane monday 

Maybe because it’s not worse enough to kill you…yet.

Second post for the day…. 

No crying episode tonight that’s for sure because i am physically exhausted plus my eyes are really tired. i jolt awake at 4+ am this morning and because i toss and turned afterwards, i forced myself to camp in the living room and sleep instead.

But of course i didn’t sleep well on the sofa, i woke up with a backache and all. 

I am starting to believe things will get better for me in time. I need to keep that belief in my mind for the sake of my family who are concern of mental health especially. 

I could feel their love and concern even from my close friends. That’s good enough. 

On a side note, despite feeling a little stress over my academic revision & piano exam, i had a genuinely happy peaceful day today which is quite rare….. 

And i know it’s thanks to someone in particular strange enough….. 



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