Me before you

You can only actually help someone who wants to be helped. – Jojo Moyes

I never picked up the guts to read this book (despite purchasing last June) after looking through many heart-breaking reviews about the story until last night. 

I feel more broken as i read past every chapter. I hung onto every word every phrase that made me weighed my reasons living against dying. 
I thought about my depression, i thought about my family and friends. 

I have tried. I have tried many times before. 

Dignitas (an assisted dying organisation) , i have learnt about it when i was touring in Europe- Switzerland (Zürich) back in 2012. 

I never gave much thought into the reasons of why people with severe illness be it terminal, physical / mental  choosing death voluntarily over life when they have supportive loving friends and family by their side.

Back then, all i thought was they felt death was an easier way out. They will be them again, dying is a form of pain relief. But there’s more to that. There’s actually more reasons wanting to die voluntarily than continue living courageously. 

Until now. I grew older, i landed myself with depression , i find myself able to relate and understand better.

There’s so much more for each of us.

No, this post is not about me saying that i’ve decided to stop thinking abt dying. This book so far at my current page, is really impactful and gut-wrenching. 

I feel a little regretful for getting this book, but watching the movie trailer twice pushed me to start reading the book. 

I don’t know will people with physical / terminal / mental illness feels better after reading this book, but i’d hope that there are people out there who would turn away the thoughts of dying after finishing the novel.

Because i on the other hand, is ready to lose a part of myself along with the book.


4 thoughts on “Me before you

  1. I shared the link for your post on my blog, I hope you do not mind
    Sheryl. I am reading a book on people who survived terminal illness through the body/mind connection. Many of us know what depression is and how destructive it can be. I hope you enjoy the testimony of Evy McDonald included in Peace, Love and Healing. Much Love, ❤

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