aftermath of a screaming breakdown 

I am still trying to digest my screaming breakdown infront of Mom last night. I went to school with swelling eyes & survived and HB surprised me with this while we were mugging in the library.  


A bottle of handfolded stars with lil notes of messages stuffed between the stars , it touched my heart. That totally cheered me up and i was genuinely happy. 

Such a coincidence my two close libra friends love doing handicraft stuff , it’s so sweet. I am still an amateur at handicraft work compared to theirs! 

I penned down a letter of apology to Mom last night as well as a letter to both my parents to let them have a little but better understanding of Depression from my perspective. 

the last page of my 5 pages letter
a note to my dad from my mom
At least now they realise. The words and pressure they gave me years ago left an impact & still haunts me until today. 

The kind of pressure that an only child faces, the kind of expectations that’s weighed on the child’s shoulders. 

Always be mindful of your words, once speak/ written, the situation cannot be reverse. And kids especially, they will remember the exact words that leave an impact on them. 

Prelim dates are out. I don’t know what i should do or rather i don’t know what i shouldn’t do. 

I can’t wait to meet V tomorrow after class and I hope i can finish two tedious assignments (essay based) by Saturday. 

Did nothing nice today… Does informing Rachel of prelim dates released on the portal counts? 




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